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Hey everyone!

I just bought my 2nd 500 two stroke and it happens to have 4 wheels this time ( my other bike is a CR500 )

I just got a 88 LT500. When I test drove at the guys place it seemed to rip. When I went to ride today in Hungry Valley ( about 4000 feet up) it’s bogging down and has power loss.

Now I ride all over from Dunes at 500 feet sea level to up in the mountains around 5000 feet. My CR I never have a issue. Same jets and 32:1 mix

I checked the jetting on the LT500. Running a keihin PWK 72RA4 Carb with a 188 slow jet and 52 main jet. Spark plug that’s in is a BR8EG. FMF fatty pipe. The past owner let the bike sit for years. But the few times he did ride he was mixing at 50:1. Now I find that crazy as all my two strokes have always been 32:1. But perhaps these beasts are different. However I did use my CRs gas at 32:1 when I was bogging.

Main questions are
1) is there a happy medium jetting for this quad to ride in most elevations.
2) what mix ratio do you guys run. Am I crazy to want to run 32:1?
3) have you experience the power loss like I’m explaining and is there a solution.

now I am going to start tearing this thing down since it sat for so long and clean it out/ check compression. however any advice while I wait for my jet kit to come in would be great!

thanks in advance!
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