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I've wanted an aftermarket frame for awhile, I couldn't find a good deal on just a frame so I ended up parting out a Banshee project I had and bought a complete Lonestar framed ESR330R. I already had an 89 stock framed Pro-X 330 with Longtravel Custom Axis, I took the best parts from both quads and build one. I am going to build a 2nd R with the left over parts. Here are some pics, I am currently entered in QOTM on trx250r.net and trx250r.org.

This was my 89 OEM frame right after I did a complete rebuild a few years ago.

This is the Lonestar ESR330R I picked up.

This is my Lonestar BDT ported Pro-X 330R now with the best parts from both quads.

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