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Data loggers are great but often you get the data too late especially in a 2 stroke. When you get back to the pits, you can see that the CHT rose every lap by XX degrees and was at max just before the back wheel locked up. I've made a CHT/EGT analog display that gives real time data in an easy to see instrument. It is small and so can be fitted easily to any bike or kart.

What I would like is anyone with real data from CHTs and EGTs from specific engines so I can get an idea on the range of temperatures that are actually being measured.

About the only CHTs I can find is for Rotax Aircraft engines and that is between 180 and 220 deg C.
I'm guessing that most air cooled engines are similar, hence the posting.

Water temperatures are around 60 deg c, but does anyone have an idea on what the plug temperature would be. I'm sure the plug temperature rises more quickly than the water temp does.

I'm hoping that my monitoring EGT and CHT live, deto and seizing can be avoided.

So if you have some actual reliable data, can you post it please with the motor it was measured on.

Once I have data sorted, I'll be selling the units.
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