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I'll try to keep this brief and provide just facts. 8/11/14 purchased and paid in full $1750.00 Janssen billet gear set for Honda TRX450. From 8/11/14 to 4/8/15 I have been given every excuse known from Joel and his staff. From Joel being sick, Joel's mother being sick, its stuck in customs, the shipping computer is down. On 4/8/15 I asked for a refund, Joel replied on 4/19/15 I would receive a refund. No refund was issued. I contacted the BBB Someone claiming to be Dallas Janssen responded to the BBB with more excuses and another date for a refund "no later than 4/23/15". No refund was received. The BBB closed the case due to Janssen's lack of resolve.
I contact Menn Law in Appleton Wi. they send a demand letter to Joel, its ignored by Joel. Joel is contacted via phone by Lawyer. Joel agrees to refund by 6/2/15. No refund is issued. A second demand letter is sent to Joel it to gets ignored.
Out of respect to Joel a background and criminal report is obtained. The 290 page report revels dozens of liens and judgment's many to the IRS and Wisconsin department of revenue. The court system search shows 66 different cases. He filed for bankruptcy in 2010, has a misdemeanor drug conviction, His real estate and motor vehicles are well-encumbered. Bottom line the Janssen's are all fraud and broke.
If anyone else is currently or has been scammed by Joel I would like to know or If Joel has some friends here and they would like to defend him and explain his actions please feel free to speak your mind.
Many other facts and proof were left out, but I believe my point was made
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