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Hi all,
My name is Pat and Im a dedicated/nerd, EXC rider. Classic bike rider I guess? Heard of Classic MX "Super Evo class" Pre94, do not know about Classic Enduro classes..
I carefully maintain and when required upgrade my bike, parts content year model range 1992-2014..
Not been riding my bike for some years, just have refreshed my knowledge, finalized mapping: of my spare parts, cd/printed parts manuals, preferred workshops and dealers..
Many years ago, I did spend lot of time crosschecking required OEM pn vs available OEM pn..

*Now Im stuck..cannot find pn or mesaurement of 250 EXC 1992 headstock bottom bearing:((Ive replaced this couple of times...) Have vauge memory of bottom bearing for 250 EXC 1990-1992 deviates vs 1993-2007
-Ive mesaured headstock tube/seat OD below bearing = 52mm, with outside bearing ring fitted...Yes, seat ID could as well be 50mm but cannot understand why it should be 52mm below bearing seat, packing area for seal?.
-Stem diameter just above bottom bearing and all the way up is 29mm "EXC std mesaurement".
-Longshot, stem diameter at bottom side of bottom yoke is ~32mm -stem OD for bearing could be 32mm????? If so, bearing 32 x 52 x 12 or 16 is available..
I guess KTM chosen 29mm stem for 1992 with head/foot flange lock design and the head/foot is 32mm..as for more many other year models..

Will kindly ask for your input here.

*Of course, just to remove my bottom bearing from stem and headstock tube, answer check:)...But will at least ask if any of you know the pn or mesaurements?
I know the common top and bottom bearing is 29 x 50,2-3 x 14,5-15..valid for most EXC 1994- ~2018..

For us customers, thx to KTMs available parts manuals on line, commonality/carry over/modest RnD activity level within platforms 546 and 548 -many of us manage to maintain and keeping our EXCs alive:p

Kind regards, Pat
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