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ook ppl i intend to file a lawsuite , against the ppl that destroyed my yamaha dt2 serial number dt1f-119562
and yamaha srx440 sled vin number 8j0 005775,
and the poohlice that left the road and street dept destroy my stuff to set me up to be arrested and then have my buisiness looted of 40,000 dollars worth of motor cycles snow mobiles and rare amc car parts.
they caused a heart attack and almost killed me..
but i still do a few thawts about the usual stuff like
well you know your daughter is really screwed up in the head when she consideres meaganslaw.com an internet dating site..
and she says wow look they eaven have pictures in there profile and wow what theya re capable of...
i think they are so cute and i can eaven go to there house they have there adresses listed..
someday ill put that to work and bore everybody on you tube

i know reading my post and helping me along my merry way isnt for some ppl as lent is over and most ppl dont need that much pennance...
hey im killing time at macdonalds wifi waiting for another customer that used gps to get lost with , this one took him about 45 south of me in a police infested community...
bwa ha ha some day im gonna ram a gps unit so far up somebodies ass they will need to swallow hard and fart in order to use it...

on a finer not i live neer hazleton pa
ppl are starting to call this place h-town for short
because they come here for heroine..
i feel im missing out i never got fucked up myself on heroine ..
i may need to buy some and overdose like everybody else around here..
i feel im missing something...
anny way my fathers brothers familly were satanists heroine dealers, they delt drugs in only large quanities .
they opened the big wrangler steak house to sell dope out of it , the feds shut that down..
i had a front row seat of this shit..
i can remember old georgie boy being crippled in a bed comming over to laugh at me going through withdrawls , as i got coma'd into being addicted to drugs , it took 8 valiums to get some of the pain to stop.
i neever willingly took that drug or smoked crack...
and i dont smoke pot but have ten years of dreadlocks.. so i can prove what drugs got forced on me
why did the fbi's kevin weaverdau tell me to go take my medication? maybe its because he's the smart one
that speech linkoln made did noting , we are all slaves we all gotta work.
except the police they will flat out insult you and pretty much say i aint do annything for you im the police we dont care...
thanxz amcfreek!
btw georgie pecora from bowlarena hazletons bowling alley mafia /satanist home base..
well old georgie boy liked feeding ppl chemical strokes. and crippling people.
he was crippled with a pair of dingo brand cowboy boots
one kid got sneakers the other one boots
the one brother was forced to walk through slush , then locked ina cold trailor on a winters night
that one with the sneakers , took those boots from his brother , his brother objected ,
oh well when the kidd had no boots to wear he ended up owning them
well those boots kicked alot of face
george got warned enough he was the biggest child molster in the city of hazleton..
he got his face kicked then his roofie.. was firing a 38 special with blanks and tranquilizer darts .. he missed two times and i hit my mark i kicked ol misterp in the back of the neck crippling him a lucky kick
the show repair guy swore he could sense those boots in his shop
he resoled them a few times
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