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how do i post pictures??

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hey banshee i was wondering how to post pics in the pictures section??
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Ok here are some directions I hope they help.

Once you go into the Photo Section. Up in the Right hand corner there will be your menu bar. If it has Login as one of your choices then that means that you need to login to the photo section. This will be the same username and Password as the Forums.

Once you are logged in you will see a Option in the upper right hand corner menu for Upload Photo. Click there. Then all you need to do is fill in the information and browse to where the photo is on your hard drive. and select it. Then hit Submit at the bottom.

Hope this helps if you still don't get it let me know where your getting stuck so I can give you more detailed directions.


thanks alot i didn't know i had to login again. i'm logged in and i see the photo upload link. thanks alot i have it from here. i just thoguht that when i logged in for the site i was automatically logged in for the pics too.
Yeah it should work that way I think but I just don't have it setup all the way yet. I hope to have this fixed soon
ha ha now hes runin the joint shows us all we def got a chance. lol
eviltwin said:
oh man wha t a freakin newb lol
haha and hes the one with the 8 million posts

Can I be a mod lol?

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I actually had the same problem.
lol.........now he approves the uploaded images!

i've been approving those images for 4 years... haha hel it wasn't more than a couple weeks after this that i was e2s's first and only MOD.. haha and llok where that got me..... now i'm badlign from ripping my hair out because i gotta keep you fucking monkeys in line..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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