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Hi there, I have a 50cc 2 stroke on my bike (yeah yeah, I know). Its got about 6k miles on it, and so I took the cylinder off to clean away the carbon from the cylinder head and from the piston. While off, I noticed it had a small scoring on the cylinder wall. Its very small, and you can barely feel it, but it is there. So here's where my question lies: how bad is bad, especially for a smaller 2 stroke? I'll post a pic if I can figure out how.

Here's a couple more details I thought I would add. I possibly put the head back on incorrectly, and so maybe that's why it got scored up. I can't tell if it will run yet because I'm waiting on parts for the carburetor (it ran previously to taking it apart.), and lastly, the piston appears fine, and doesn't have anything protruding.

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