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Honda TRX250R

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I am looking at getting a honda 250R sometime this summer. Anyone now of things to look out for when buying a 250R (frame, motor, suspension)

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I don't know what to look on a 250r but i know that if you buy it from canada it will cost less thant if you buy it from USA because of th money exchange...
mmmm i think?
I have raced 250R for 10 years, know them like the back of my hand. Call me at the shop and I can go over some things to look for. 88-89, swingarms crack up front and are about impossible to repair. The upper steering stem mounts break, and the frame just in front of the frame. Check out the counter balancer holder. The 88-89 years have better gears, clutch system, peg location, front spindles, just to name a few things.


i'm a yamaha suzuki guy but i heard that for 250r's 86 frames were the best and 89 engines ran the best. plus 88-89's had the best clutch setups. oh yeah has honda made a quad since 89 because as far as i'm conserned they haven't. hey here's a good joke---------400ex they said it was the new 250r oh yeah. now they say the same thing bout the 450r i say quit wasting my time and the space in dirt wheels mag.
The 86 frame are the strongest but they are not the best by any means. 88-89 is the way to go.
hey sore thanks for the info. i guess i had heard wrong all these years about 86 having the best frame.
No problem at all, let me kow if you have any questions. I am glad to help.
so why not an '87
hey anyone going to post here?its been awhile.I know there are some honda freaks out there.I'll be adding some more pics soon,with my 250r gettin all over a pretty bad shee!!any other bad ass honda's out there?

  • 310cc big bore]stage 2 port
    coolhead 39mm A.S. carb on alcohol
    12" expansion chamber drag pipe by K.R.
    boyseen rad cage w/ hinson spacer
    5.5" extended swingarm
    lots more!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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