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Honda 250R 83 exhaust

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If anyone has or knows where to get an aftermarket exhaust let me know. It is for a buddy who just picked up a 83 honda 250R air cooled ATC. Its pretty sweet it has extended swingarm and axle. Also works front forks and rear shock. Only problem the guy that owned it before must have left the exhaust head pipe out side while the motor got rebuilt. The pipe has a bunch of crap in it. I am going to try cleaning it out tomorrow but he want to get an FMF.

Thanks guys.
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i have DG

ive got a 82 ATC 250R and the only one i could find was a DG from Dennis Kirk, there maybe others though.
i saw that in another thread ATCsteve said that you can make the later watercooled R trikes pipe work on the aircooled ones. PM him and ask or PM him and tell him to post here. i guess since he got the shee he kinda forgot bout the honda stuff j/k
yah dg makes a pipe for the air cooled thats the only one i know
I remember some old co.s making them,like basani,supertrap"in old days"and 1 more that I forgot,and of course D.G.everybody seems to hate D.G.'s but the D.G.11 combo has pretty good low-end power.the earlier air-cooled pipes are on the left side,as the water cooled is oppisite.Ive seen it done,but the frames are different.throw a power pro drag pipe on it,and port it and have fun.they are 8" expansion.not bad for $220.the shee is a blast,but double the work.Im not used to buying 2 pistions and 2 rad cages damm Im gonna go broke.It will be worth it.
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