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How bad could it be having a 24mm carb on a 22mm ID intake?

I have a 60's 175 that needs a new carb. The intake runner is only 22mm in dia. so a VM22 would be a good choice, but I see it has a flange mount. I would rather have a spigot mount, straight mounts start on MIkuni's at 24mm. So that leeds me to the VM24 or TM24. I like the TM24 because the better flow couldn't hurt as the carb seems undersized already. Porting is out of the question as there is little material to work with. The exhaust isn't tuned so power is going to be low. The bike will be for cruising the neighborhood, not much else.

The stock carb was a Dellorto 22, but I only have half the pieces and getting the rest will cost more than buying a new carb.

Any thoughts are welcome. THX!!
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