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Well, I screwed up!! I bought an early 70s Multimobile 6x6 and whoever designed the stupid thing only left 11 1/2 inches between the right drive chain and the center of the drive belt!!!

Been looking at the Harbor Freight 13 hp 4 stroke but the moron wh designed it put a step in the crank diameter, which is about an inch long, so I cant put the cvt clutch rifmght next to the engine!!

So thats my dilema - I need s 12-18hp SINGLE cylinder AIR COOLED 2 stroke that will put the center of ghe clutch 11,5 inches, or less, from the right side of the case.

As if thats not enough, I only have 14.5 inches of verticle clearance!!!

The crankshaft MUST exit the case on the ldft side of ghe engine!!

So lets start with the 12-18 hp requirement and work frkm there.

Anyone got and ideas for me???


Please respond to. [email protected]
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