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Hey y'all, just got my '04 125 back together with a fresh top end and it won't kick start. It'll bump start no problem, but can't get it to kick and won't idle (still gotta play with the jetting). Would jetting cause it to not kick start? Seems odd that it would bump and run fairly well, but not kick. When I pulled the plug after putting around the neighborhood it was fouled up, but I was expecting to have to tweak the jetting. The more concerning part is that the fresh top end only reads 130 after a few tests. Shouldn't it be higher on a freshly rebuilt top end?

Any help would be appreciated as I'm not sure what I should check next.

Bike settings:
  • 134cc big bore kit by EGR
  • Stock 38mm Mikuni
  • Main Jet: 420, Slow Jet: 40, Clip: 3rd position
  • Air Screw: 2 1/4 out
  • FMF Fatty to Turbinecore 2
  • Vforce 3 Reeds
  • BR8ES
  • 32:1 Maxima Castor 927
1 - 2 of 2 Posts