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My name is Daniel, I am originally from deep in the center of the Appalachian mountains, and an currently living north Georgia.
I was bit by the speed bug when riding my big wheel down the steepest roughest hills I could find at the age of four. By the end of the summer I wore holes in the front wheel. At about 10 was bmx bikes, and rigging up the mower with a foot pedal for fuel bypassing the governor,had the deck off to replace the belts, course had to take it down the trails and up the steepest hills I could manage.
Graduated from bmx bikes to a 300 4x4 airbox lid removed ,spark arrestor cut out, jetted,squared off maxis w/ staggered tractor tread and 500 acres of everything from wide smoothhaul roads, to unbroken woods trails, swamps and access to an unofficial trail network spanning four counties probably more. Then cars and sport atvs, and after numerous tickets and even more successful evasions was forced back to atv's.

Fast forward 20 years and I have replaced, rebuilt every piece or part on every wheeled ride,me or my friends owned, down over ten years as a professional mechanic, a few years as an engineering student. I am currently a shop manager, and father of four

I bought a Blaster for my (10 and 13) year old boys, the first decided he wanted a dirt bike, and the older of the two couldn't understand why you would want anything too loud to cruise the sub-division all day, and wanted a golf cart.
So my 10 yr old ended up with an '01 CR80R which is a bit much for his 68 pound frame, lol.
I ended up with the Blaster and have been working toward modding it toward being a nice XC/Enduro style machine for play use.

I will try to get some pictures up. The Blaster has turned into quite the project, I found there are tons of very inexpensive things that you can do to improve the Blaster. Being a budget build I done all my own engine research, porting, tuning etc.
If anyone is interested I can detail the various timings I tried, and the results of each. As well as the things I learned that are specific to this engine.

Basically stock, has ~5mm spacer on the exhaust outlet, which increases the tuned length of the pipe, adds to the low-mid torque and smooths the powerband hit slightly making it easier to ride for my little guy, and also allows small hills and technical/rough areas to be ridden through controllably on the bottom edge of the powerband.

YFS 200
Vm32 Carb, ported cage w/ Vitos dual stage reeds, 3/8" Reed spacer, cut hemi head .85mm squish, Wiseco promote piston, custom porting, Toomey B1 pipe.
Drive, suspension
HD clutch ,13/40 gearing, +2 swingarm, '03+ Hydraulic front brakes, shorty cable on rear brakes, 400ex rear shock, shift star mod
New 21x8-9 directionalmtires on front, 20x11-8 on rear.

If there is any interest or questions concerning either bike , I would be happy to answer them and /or detail certain aspects o either

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