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hello, compression question.

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Hey, first post here and it's another Honda joker 90cc Scooter question. First I love this Scooter and I really need to forget best way, cheapest way, best option to fix it. I want riding down the road, no problems and it just died idling down little hill. From then it just cranks and cranks. But wont start. It turns over n over till battery dies. Lol. So I had a guy look at it and he said. Need new engine you have no compression. He pulled of muffler and only35lbs of pressure instead of 90lbs as he said. Now it's a rare Scooter. Parts are hard to come by. Its a two stroke And it mixes oil with the gas by itself. It ran like a champ. The only problem it ever had was a hole in the muffler. And where it connects to the engine, I guess its the manafold gasket. Anyway sorry for being a noob but I cant find any answers on if I really need a new engine. I mean its a honda and with like 5000miles I think. Or if I have other options to tell this guy looking at it cause he's all I have right now to work on it. Maybe a bore kit? Or another reason it was won't start? Just cranks n cranks like it wants to start but doesn't. Checked gas, new plug, fuses good. Fuel filter is good. After my self diagnosis, which is limited I was going for carb adjustment /clean next or automatic choke . He checked engine compression and quickly said needs new engine no compression. He works on golf carts for a living. Am I screwed? How are can I get this thing called running again. Thx alot.
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Thx guys. Yeah I ran it full throttle alot. Since it only did about 50mph. As I turned off main road I just drifted down a small hill. And the oil just had a tank that mixed itself I assume I always kept full. The silver bottle 2stroke oil from gas station is what I always used.. I forget the name. But yeah it's a rare Scooter for sure so any parts I hope I can find let alone someone to fix it. Lol. Thx for info guys. Any links or help on the Honda joker 90cc Scooter srx90 . Never sold in u. S. Let mean know. Thx.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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