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i txt my buddy..
dude i need a ride to the store.
i need more italian seasoning.
im out i need a ride to get more
of M.J. dahmer italian seasoning
its made with real italians...
very tasty..
for a laugh goto the mall and yell annybody want shake n bake?
its a lot less then that nazi method and fuck if i could find real iodine...

ook ever feel in amcfreeks neighborhood when he leaves his home..
the whole street starts chanting "jerry jerry jerry" for some odd reason?
or for sarchastic purposes.you can say this
ever feel everytime i go back to my old neighborood.. or i almost feel this establishment
is being video taped and its one large jerry springer audition?
im expecting the whole bar to start chanting jery jery jerry
at anny moment,,,,ok whats the bare minimum for the being "legally insaineexcuse issue i dont want to pass annything up like a reason to discharge my firearm?.

now if n e body else is from hazleton
i swear its a bad mk ultra experiment , like joseph mengaliz approved...
look it was once happy go lucky know yer neighbors and dont lock the doors..
if someone got beatup stabbed or shot there was a reason like everybody knew.
it was 2o per cent other then white.in the 1990 census. now we swear its been reversed ..
like a bad MKultrA experiment like lets see what happens when????its reversed nd ppl you meet on the street say your from hazleton i go there to score my drugs
oh bomma ecomes president after bush and everybody else down right looted us..
now what like lets make the population grow with illegal alians??
mk ultra i swear..
cia bad...

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hey glue werked for putting models together when i ws a kid and you got high while doing it and we listened to frank zappa wich did no way sound like pop goes the weasel, or rap goes the weasel... or pop goes the gun and the weasel listen to the rap aint got nothing to listen to in my block.
you kids leave us old heads out and ur glue sniffin , dont make fun of us ever that spice you been smoking is watered down glue. yeah back when we could get good lacquer and really tasty lacquer thinner.. and a rag and a plastic bag... oh the days before how i met your mother and almsost got away from her dad.
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