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Good Banshee buy?

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im not sure if this buying experience is good or not but im pretty sure its good bcuz a mean machine like a banshee for $2045 has to be a steal
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djguestone said:
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I bought a 1984 CR250R (my avatar. thats a pic i took right when i got it to my house) i cleaned it up still same stuff on it. I bet it is all stock? im not positive, but i bought it for 450$ american. it starts 2nd or 3rd kick in 20 degree weather. it was wrecked a few times. bent the clutch lever... a little bend damage on the rear fender and a faw scratches on the frame.. nothing major. did i get *****? or was it a steal like i thought?
Out here.... it's definately stolen haa!! Really though, you don't get a running dirtbike in good conditions for that amount. Sounds like helluva deal! Everything good on it? Mods??

not sure about the mods. here is a pic i took not just 10 minutes ago. my bike is dirty.
coopy and paste that if you cant just click it.
i guess HTML is disabled on these forums.
I'm looking to buy one after i get paid friday but from reading this thread, i need to go about things a different way.

How much does it goes to get a blown or abused engine running like a champ again? I guess top end kits cost around $300? If that all there is to it or what? Oh wait, there's the cylinder walls too that can be scared.
RagunCajun said:
How much does it goes to get a blown or abused engine running like a champ again? I guess top end kits cost around $300? If that all there is to it or what? Oh wait, there's the cylinder walls too that can be scared.
$160 for a Wiseco kit, if it needs a bore job, it should be less than $100, so, you're looking at $260 max.......
So basicly i should just look for a good condition bike(cosmentics, suspension, frame, etc) and the engine is not that important because i can rebuild it.

Am i on the right track here?
i bought my 88 for 800 bucks..pretty good deal i think.
As long as the top end is the only thing needing rebuilt your not looking at much money. Even if the crank is bad its more money, but its still not too bad.
but in the end, a bike is going to be a little pricy, depending on what your looking at and how ld or new it is and what exactly is wrong.. finding bikes with only blown heads is as easy as finding bikes that are ripped in two.... ha so take that into consideration how much are you looking to spend and where are you located?
I got my banshee for 1400 and so far its running pretty good.(only rode it 2 times so far) The plastics dont fit right and theres a bunch of other little bullshit wrong with it but it doesnt matter because im goin to do a frame up rebuild at the end of this summer.
i paid 5k for mine and i drove to ohio from jersey to pick it up/ west coast is more expensive? but it had every thing i wanted and it has only cost me 220 in payments so far
i picked my 99 up at the begining of 05 for $2400 and i was in great shape with t-5's and other goodies. i tried to sell it last summer and it is still great shape. i put new rims and tires and nerf bars, bark busters and 2 sets of tires, tors removed, 28 mill carbs, renthal bars, dg bumper, full skid plates, (belly, swingarm, and a-arm). and i could not get $3000 for it.
Banshee said:
A perfect looking banshee is only as good as the motor. You could find out 2 days later that the motor is fried and the cases junk. THen your screwed with a 3500 pile of shit. I rather get something like evil that is known to be a pile of shit then make it nice
i agree, either way you buy one, dont be suprised if the motor siezes on you in the first couple rides, the fact is, is your buying someone elses problem, definetly go the cheaper route, build it like you want it WHEN the motor takes a shit, and like EDGEIN said its the best way to no you bike inside and out
i just bought my 96 banshee for $500 bucks a steal and a half spent another $300 on a new topend including ported jugs and a milled head with pistons so i spent $800 bucks to have a running banshee not to shabby, i have been looking for 3 years and have bought different machines and now im finally here!
Suz_Madness said:
i just bought my 96 banshee for $500 bucks
You got a helluva deal.....I've seen rollers go for that much........
I bought my banshee for 2300 Canadian. I took it out for a test spin and the kid said to my brother when I took it down the road that thing has a 6th gear. My brother was like you own the quad and do not know it has 6th gear.
I got my second banshee in a box. I think I got ahellva deal I traded for an 1980 atc 185 that was a piece, and 200 bucks. the motor was trashed but i found the parts i needed on banshee hq. for 400 bucks. the frame is powder coated and toomey pipes, and some other nic nacs. It isn't together yet but working on it. looking to make a trail monster out of it.
i got my shee for 2500 its an 02 that was never rode hardly good deal
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