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Currently have 21cc dome with .025" squish, and 145psi
Makes 135 psi with a more reasonable .035" squish.

32 mm carb
Programmable timing
192/126/125 boost porting. 9500 Rpm
Cr125 Reed cage, oiled cotton gauze filter
Dynoport Mid top pipe.
Pipe and reed cages are new , CDI has yet to be installed previous ported stock cage and slightly modded Toomey pipe ran well on 92 octane and 145psi.

Looking to push compression up to the run a mix of race gas 110 leaded and 92 octane ethanol free fuel. Ultimately would be happy in the 96-100 octane range or even in the 101-105 range. I don't want to kill my top end In the process.

What kind of compression or head size would you
I am currently considering a 17cc head with 96-101 octane. Or around 180-190 psi cranking compression.
Thought of going as low as a 16cc combustion chamber, but I am afraid it might deaden my top end.

Feel free to answer in psi, compression ratio, chamber size ,however you know to answer from experience.
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