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gearing for my lt2fittyr

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hey i have a 91 lt250r....im looking to get a little more out of 1-3 gears. first gear is like point 3 seconds long and doesnt give out and power. what size sprockets should i use...id like to use 13 teeth in the front. i think that size helps clear the bumper on the swingarm so it doesnt wear as quick...i could be wrong though. id like to go up 2 teeth bc i think this will put 1st and 2nd a little longer. i have a dg pipe and silencer, prodesign reed spacer, boysen reeds(if i get new reeds and a cage will it fit through the reed spacer??) k&n filter and outer wear and for tires 18's on the back and 19's on the front.
will i beat a z400 with a slip-on? and does anyone know anything about predators? my freind was swearing his predator would be my quad. he said i wont be able to keep up. i know his quad had nothing on my cannondale. im pretty sure when i get my lrd pipe ill smoke that ass.let me know if anyone is around shaw air force base in south carolina so you can help me show my 4 stroke loving freinds how much better a stokre is.2 strokes rule !!!

john graham
shaw air force base, south carolina
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oh yeah by the way i traded "my cannondale" for my lt250r bc size for power a 4 stroke will never be half of what a 2 stroke is.
i don't know what gearing you should run but if you want 1st gear to last longer then you need to subtract some teeth from the rear sprocket. i was told by my friend that races dirt bikes that it takes 3 teeth on a rear sprocket to equal 1 tooth of a front. it all works on division. you need to take the #of teeth on the rear divided by the # of teeth on the front that gives you your ratio. ie: if you run a 52 on back and a 14 on the front you have a 26:7 ratio or a 3.71 drive ratio. the higher this ratio is the quicker the quad will be and the lower it is the quad will be faster. i know your saying quicker and faster are the same but they are not. the higher ratio is quicker to get to top speed gaivin you better acceleration while the lower ratio will take you longer to get to top speed but the top speed will be more tahn with the high ratio because you are more affectivly using the RMPs that your 250 can produce. oh yeah rear tire height has an effect on the final drive ratio but if you use the same size rear tire with both gearing scearios. if you use a smaler tire it makes the quad quicker and a taller tire make it's faster. has to do with how much ground the tire covers in one full rotation. as for a z400 don't worry about that your LT should rule a z400 i rode one last weekend. not as fast as i expected. my banshee with a slipping clutch in 5th gear i wasted it so a modified lt250 should have no problem. as for a predator i don't know?? hope this math garbage helped.
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