Hi All,

Selling a 1996 RS125 Chassis with a CR85 big-bore engine. The bike is great at both, kart tracks and big tracks. It includes all spares needed for racing (noted below). The bottom end has 100 miles and the top-end has zero miles. The bike was completely apart. As part of the build everything has been re-lubed and greased. The engine has brand new transmission fluid. I also replaced the fluids on both, the forks and the brakes.

I have over 100 photos here: Photos which include the full rebuild and any detail you may be interested in.

Here is video of the bike running as of 7-20-2022: Videos

The bike comes as this package:
  • Brand new Dunlop slicks
  • Extra bodywork
  • Front and rear stands
  • Gearing front and rear
  • Jetting, including main and pilot
  • Crank
  • New top-end
  • Engine rebuild seals, gaskets, etc
  • Handlebars
  • Rearsets
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Exhaust silencer
  • CR85 manual (helpful for engine maintenance)
  • Water pump rebuild
  • Top-end o-rings (the head/cylinder, use o-rings instead of gaskets)
  • Extra piston rings
  • Extra piston bearings
  • Extra spark plug boot
  • Air filter (we never used it)
  • Transponder bracket
  • Extra brake handles
  • Do you have the 125 engine? No. I purchased the bike as you see it (see below)
  • Who did the engine mounts? Though I bought the bike as you see it, more or less. I had the engine mounts and brackets re-assessed by Carlos Neves from CN Racing in the Bay Area. Notably, Carlos re-enforced the hangers and added a bracing rod which goes across both hangers.
  • What type of fuel does it use? We used the bike in conjunction with an RS125. As a consequence, we only used the same fuel premix as we used with the RS125. For the RS125 we used Sunoco Supreme with Motul 800 at a 24:1 mix (Roland Cushway was our engine mechanic and there are somethings you just don't argue with him on... trust me). If you do not want to use Sunoco Supreme, I'd recommend any other 100 octane fuel and do some experimentation. After all, this engine is still a CR85 and much more resilient than the RS125.
  • For what weight rider is the bike sprung? The bike was used by a rider that weighed 120 pounds. I have stiffer fork and shock springs, but they are only relatively stiffer. So if you are 140 or less I may be able to swap the springs for the stiffer ones.
  • Can you deliver the bike? I'm in the Sacramento area. I may be able to meet you within a 120 mile radius with a payment deposit.
  • Do you have setup data for the bike? Yes. We have archive data from the MyChron.
  • How fast is the bike at a big track? Pretty fast. It can do 2:04s at Buttonwillow's big track: RACE WERA Minis, WERA at Buttonwillow 7/8, WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, United States - Official Event Results, MYLAPS Speedhive
  • Why are you selling it? The rider is no longer interested in racing :(
  • Can the bike be registered? Not in CA, that's for sure. It is 100% a racebike that will come with a bill of sale.