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Hi fellow 2 stroke enthusiasts,

Like many here I guess I have had 2 stroke since a very long time, first with mopeds then minitrail and then much bigger motocross and snowmobile ones. I actualy learnt English by reading a 2 stroke work shop manual at 13 years old...

But then bigger and stupidly fast 4 stroke sports bikes lured me away.

The thing is once you start trying to understand them and and make them faster 2 strokes are a strong addiction !!!

I got back to it with a shop I would not even dream about as a kid rebuilding the bike I dreamt about as a kid.

Way back then I had a 1981 Suzuki PE 175 but REALLY wanted the 400 !!!

So I built one mostly stock it goes well enough but I want it to be faster than that...

Looking at other similar motors I found that the RM 465 has a bore of only 1 more mm but 10 mm more stroke and a nice big reed valve intake that I like much better than the piston port / reed contraption ef the PE.

I bought a 465 cylinder of ebay and got to work.

Redrilling the base studs holes:

Seeing that it does fit but will need some welding:

This screw will be made shorter and it should be ok.

But so far so good and I like the way it looks.

I will probably start a new thread in the Suzuki section to describe the rest.

So thanks for all the info on this site and if you need anything translated from french I'm there.


1986 Honda TRX 250r
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Nice work! Always loved the look of the old air coolers!!!

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Very nice little mill, I’d love to have one. You’re a good mechanic; stick with E2S we need more like you to learn from.
Welcome Aboard Mate.
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