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Firecat problems

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My 2003 F7 Firecat had two issues.The first one was when I was dragging across the lake and the pipe split 8in.It was loud and had no power.
The dealership gave me a new one for free and said the vendor had made bad welds. The other issue was when the chain case oil stared leaking.The lower bearing craked inside the chain case.I had to pay for that one.It only happend to a few sleds but they still changed to a new bearing type.
Did anyone have any problems with a Firecat?

P.S. The sled rips!
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I guy I ride with has a 800 ZRT and had issues with leaking from the chain case and crank case. Not sure if this is related but it may be a artic cat issue. that sucks about the pipe atleast they admitted the issue and gave you a new one.
The chain case never cracked, but when the brearing did the oil made its way to the shaft that drives the trak. You have to put silicon on the shaft before putting the brearing on.The oil made the silicon peel off and it started to leak out the back side of the case.
thats strange...ive never had any of those problems...as for your pipe...sometimes the people who weld them go out behind the shop and smoke "stuff" and then just fart around for the rest of the day doing half @$$ jobs...
my y-pipe also craked, but i did not see it untill i put the a new D&D Y-pipe on that adds 3.5 hp with the stock pipe. the crake was 1 inch long right on the weld too.
my ecu got fried too.:angry2:
i dunnoo...iv had alot of people around here with cats and they dont have any probelms. but well with all sleds there are certain problems that when fixed usally dont give you any problems again. but well polaris on the other hand....you can fix those piles and they still break down.
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