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Banshee can your repost the images of the stickers that you sell?
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FitzTheMachine said:
Banshee can your repost the images of the stickers that you sell?
If you click on the link to the STORE up top on the menu bar it will show you the stickers. They are for sale as well. The offer for the free sticker is only valid to the ones who know.

TKS Banshee! :D
New Sticker Line Up

Check out the new stickers we will have them available soon probably 2-6 weeks.

I must say all of your stickers are sweet. I will be buying them as soon as you get some of you others in stock. I will also tell my friends about them.
The stickers kick ass!

Any word on when the new stickers are coming in?
they should have been in already but have not. So I am expecting them any day now.

I'll let you guys know when they come in.
The New Stickers Are Here!!!!!!!

Finally the new stickers are here you can check them out here.


Also we are in the works to have a new set of stickers to be out in a month or so. I'll give you an update when we have them all created.

Oh yeah just want everyone to know that the money from the stickers all goes back into the website. We figure this is better than just making a donation to the site and getting nothing. The money will be used to start the Honda TRX250R Project and also pick up a Ski-Doo MXZ 600 H.O. Rev. The REV we have it saved for us so you should see that as a project soon.

Thanks guys.
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can't wait to see the 250r project. oh yeah any word on t shirts yet???
You have My other ride is your girlfriend sticker on there twice. What about the sticker that said The only thing tighter than my ride was your girlfriend?

We are working with chas right now on getting them done. I'll keep you updated.

suzuki lt250R

Sorry about that I fixed it.
Thanks. That one is definently my favorite. will be buying some in about a week. Thanks again.
Since I'm a girl, I like the *Speed Kills*! Don't think the other apply much for me :D I will be getting one of those.

I like all of those stickers they are all cool as hell. But I want to buy a couple small ones with the E2S logo for my quads. When are those going to be made??? Also How about a membership packege with a shirt or hat or a supporting member with a shirt and hat and stickers. I would pay good money to be a member of this site. I am thinking it would help tocover some of the costs. Just my ideas. Keep up the good work on the killer site. Rob
We still need to get T-Shirts made up which should be soon. I have not really thought of having a members fee for the site at this point. There are a lot of things that I am trying to work on that are taking up all my time. Hopefully within a year you will see the opening of the E2S auction site and a personal website section. I think the shirts will be for sale way before there is a membership fee. Also the stickers are going to be sent out to be made probably end of this week.

Thanks guys and keep the ideas coming.

Legal sticker?

I made some plain jane stickers using Everything2stroke.com they simply look like this WWW.EVERYTHING2STROKE.COM is that ok with you guys? i don't want to make a big deal out of something so small (approx 1/2inch by 4 inch ). I just wanted to show that i support this site...i will eventually buy stickers from you once you get those 3 new ones out. also, i will get some t-shirts. i am just making sure that you guys are all right with this.
I'm fine with it as long as none of them are for sale. If they are for personal use then its fine with me. The T-Shirts got ordered today and you can expect them by the end of the month the 3 new stickers should be in any day now. Probably next month sometime we will be ordering the Logo Decals. I'm holding you to your purchase you wrote about!!! ;)
hey banshee chould you make some www.everything2stroke.com stickers in like 1"x6" they would be nice to have
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