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Drag Racing

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What are some tips and tricks you guys use when drag racing or getting ready to race.
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Start off in second and drive it like you stole it!!! Oh, I guess you were looking for something a little more technical than that.

I've never been to a quad drag race event so I guess I'll be of no help here, but I'd sure love to hear some of the responses.
when racing 4 strokes make sure that you beat them while riding a wheelie. the hardest part is keeping up the wheelie!!!!! really i have no clue i'd say that you know your quad ride it the way it seems the fastest to you. and most of all have fun it's a hobby rememebr that. too many people get to wrapped up in winning all the time. waste some 4 strokes and if your gonna lose make sure it's to a 2 stroke. oh yeah the worst way to lose is to a 4 stroke honda or any polaris.
jason how about some helmet cam footage from youir 4 stroke killing spree next weekend. cam you wear the helmet cam when you drag race???
I will definatly have the helmet came running and getting as much footage as I can.

I have been tuning in my banshee today and the plug looks good. The problem I have now is keeping the front tires on the ground. I bought a box of plugs so that I can change freqently at the races. I took the shee down to the pit and on a straight away that normally get it into 5th I just barely got into 4th. So the mods I did made a huge difference.
well for the drags i would knock down a tooth or two on the front sprocket. this will make you accelerate faster. especially if you've gopt more power to get to the ground now. try a 13 tooth frt sprocket.
Hillclimb's are very similar to a drag race, pretty much just a verticle drag. One thing, you have 23" on front and 22" on back, that can throw you back a little, you need more leaning forward. Also, if you can prepare the dirt where you are going to take off this is a huge hillclimb trick. Take a pick and walk about 2 feet in front of where youre back tires are going to be and chop the dirt with a pick back towards your quad. Don't remove the dirt jus chop so it kind of breaks the dirt up a bit chop like every 5 inches or so. Then, where your tires are sitting put a shovle of loose dirt in front of your tires. Now when you let er rip, she will spin on the loose dirt in front of your tires and get your rpm's to the moon and the chopped dirt will slowly dig down and you will take off. It won't slow your start down much, but it will let you get your rpms screaming and it won't stand on you too bad because of the tire tourque. Realisticly, if you can not prepare your dirt of need to take off fast, get an extended swing arm, judge from your weight, pick the right spot in your seat where you will get some tire spin, enough to keep you on the ground and dump the clutch/rev out. Hope that helps, lemme know what happens.
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Hey yo, all yall Banshee boys should come down to VA and take care of this one main banshee that drags. Cant no body beat him, he is from NC and comes up and whips up on everyone. We have race tomorrow 4/25. It be alot of Banshees competing but cant get by him, he is flying.
can't wait to see some helmet cam footage from the drags. i think they are this weekend
yeah man good luck and pound some 4 pokers and IF you lose make sure its a 2 stroke monster.
i just hang on..give it a ton of gas, and hope i'm faster than the dude next to me. I usually loose though, so i would hope you dont take my advice
I haven't been to an actual drag racing event but race my friends alot. Here's what I do.

-lower the tire pressure alittle in the rear and pump up the front.
-run on low gas(where it still runs on ON but leave it on reserve just in case)
-sprocket change
-make sure you did a nice clean out to pass to make sure don't carbon up
-if possible make sure your clutch is adjusted where u just squeeze it and it's engaged
-always run with a clean filter
-make sure you get a good tree(aka light)

I know some of this is probably nit picking but when your racing heads up you can loose by a bike length which is equal to around 1/10th of a second or less. I incorporated some of these things to my quad racing from racing my mustang. -Mark
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those are god points 500 but the problem is that he's racing a dirtbike not a quad so alot of it doesn't apply but i learned a fwe things and also saw a few thing i do like lower ear tire pressure. that works in cars too. i always ran my elcamino on lower rear tire pressure even on teh street. bout 28-30 psi instead of 35psi
370banshee said:
those are god points 500 but the problem is that he's racing a dirtbike not a quad so alot of it doesn't apply but i learned a fwe things and also saw a few thing i do like lower ear tire pressure. that works in cars too. i always ran my elcamino on lower rear tire pressure even on teh street. bout 28-30 psi instead of 35psi
We have bikes on this website? ;) j/k. My bad. I thought it was a 500 motor in quad. -Mark
what kind of gearing and motor mods do you have???? i've spent more time on the dyno and at the strip than i care to think about........... i've had some pretty fast bikes.....hell mx bike now is fast.
-get forward on the seat
-put it in second
-when you see yellow pin the throttle
-on green let your clutch out fast till it starts to enguage then stop and slip it slowly till its all the way out and then just hit gears with the throttle pinned the whole time...
-use your body all over the seat. If you are spinning slide back to get traction but only till you are hooking up, dont slide too far and wheelie. I usually try to get my ass back on the seat but lean way forward once the bike is in motion. This gives you traction but keeps your front end down...
-dont look at anything but the finish line and concentrate on getting there like its the emergency room and your dieing...

I think thats the best I can do...

you win some you loose some but I love it when I come up the the line and there is some obnoxious ugly craptor next to me all piped up and feeling fast.
hahahahahahaha see ya...
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oh ya. and careful gearing down too much. You dont wanna use more gears than you have to... every shift works against you. I had mine geared so that, in 400 ft I started in 2nd and was at the very top of 4th as I crossed the line (on a shee) If it where 420 ft I would have had to hit 5th.. ya know...
hey banshee man... go you have a red helmet? I think I saw you out at dumont over thanksgiving.
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