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cool heads

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If anyone is looking for a cool head for an 85-86 LT250 I happen to know a guy in Kansas City that can custom make them. He said they will even work with the stock head gasket. I haven't talked to him in a while but if anyone is interested just let me know. :D
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hello, does he make them for 92 lt250r's also?
I may be interseted in one depending on the price.
yeah, tell me a price and I may be interested.
you'd be surprised what a modified stock head can accomplish..
Agreed unless you have a need for interchangable domes there isnt a real advantage for a cool head, in fact pro designs chambers are not that great if you are going to spend the money on aftermarket head buy one that is cut for your motor.
ok, well can this head be repaired? i'm not sure if the pictures show it, but those gouges are pretty deep.

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hmm maybe.. get ahold of flattrack... he can give you better advise on reparing they head..

the problem with cool heads is the squish band isn't optimmum.. and this can produce a hot spot and also might require you to run higher octane fuel when a stock head with the right machining will get you the same performance and compression while lettign you run the lower octane fuel... better performance for less money and less money spent on fuel thats a win-win situation if you ask me...
My next head will be RK tech

I would like to know who the guy is in KC though since thats near my neck of the woods.
God I love LTs !!!!Those pics suck I cant tell any thing just looks like a big fuzzy ugly LT head...
i'll try to take some better pics.
everybody rememebr this.. wade loves LT's especially 500's soo send him all the suzuki work you have...
hehe, he's been my primary source of parts for my lt so far.
glad to hear that LTMX.. keep buying form wade..... he's got that big 650CC R engien to finish....
haha, ok, but he's gotta let me ride it.
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