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Cool Head or Larger Radiator

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Which is going to keep you running cooler? I have heard many stories on both that the Cool Head keeps the head cool. Also that the cool head will do nothing without a larger radiator. I understand that the main reason for a cool head is to have changable domes to change form race gas to regular. My question is more on the cooling of the ATV. What have you guys heard? Mostly what do you guys know on the subject.
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Have you ever tried to use an additive in your radiator? I personaly like to use Maxima Cool-Aide. It is supposed to keep your engine cooler than antifreeze. It is an additive you add to water but does not offer freeze protection. It is for race use only. I like to run it through the summer months in My LT250. This might be another alternative you might like to try. It will be cheaper than the cool head or the radiator. Who knows if you add it to a cool head or a larger radiator it shkould run even cooler yet. Hope the info helps.
On My Drag Bike I'm Running A Trinity Head And Using A Stock Radiator. This Is The Same Setup That My Friend Runs On His Banshee With Tons Of Work, He Has Yet To Have A Problem. We Do Run The Engine Ice Though.
a toomey radiator or one like it will keep it way cooler than a cool head. no comparison. my brother law has a bike with cool head and those fins that go in the lines to keep it cool.

my bike is alway way cooler with the rad.

for the best cooling, rad, engine ice. works great
I run a Cool Head on my 2000 CR 500R and have never over heated since. With the stock Honda Head, I used to boil over in the real hot months, esp if Ilet it idle a min or ride slow hills.

I run a 50/50 mix of distilled water and Prestone Dextron with Red Line water wetter, too.

63cc and stock

Stock, 66cc in cool head, 63cc high comp

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As far as cooling capability, the radiator is the only thing that going to make a difference. An increase in coolant is going to slightly slow the increase in thermal equilibrium for the engine but not decrease the running temperature. The head doesnt increase any surface area in which to disperse more heat thus its not going ot lower the temp. The radiator does increase disipation. You were correct in the statement of interchangable domes being the only reason.
yep ,ive heard of tests where once the test machine was up to its normal opertaint temps ,a cool head and stock head were heat checked ,and they made no difference in tempatures

eviltwin said:
yep ,ive heard of tests where once the test machine was up to its normal opertaint temps ,a cool head and stock head were heat checked ,and they made no difference in tempatures

so why are they called a COOL head?? is it because they look cool??:laugh4:
usually when a person puts a cool head on they bump the compression up which creates more heat
If you're looking to reduce temps, a coolant additive such as Engine ice and an inline finned cooler will normally reduce temps more than enough. A larger radiator is optimum, but more expensive, not available for most models, and sometimes a real bitch to install. I put an inline cooler on both lines on my LT500 and they reduced my temps 15 degrees. Being in the north has kept me from needing to run any cooler.
I ran several tests with stock heads, PD heads, and two different designs of the Noss heads. I used a laser pointed infrared thermometer. The aftermarket heads kept the head AND cylinders much cooler than the stock head. The Banshee radiator is sufficient if it is clean and the impellar (sp) is functioning properly.
What are you considering much cooler, the contact surface is the most important part of the heat disapation from the engine. Without increasing that and only increasing volume of coolant your not going to lower the temp a major amount. It will slow equilibrium with respect to time down for sure but is not going to change the equilibrium temp a large amount. Hell its not going to change either that much, your talking a minimal amount of increased coolant volume. I dont know the flow characteristics of the banshee head, so maybe thats where the decrease is coming from, I would think yamaha would have some engineers that have a background in thermo and would have the flow nailed down somewhat close so I cant see that making a major difference either. Maybe so though, it was designed in the late 70's I guess.
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