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Hello there, i’ve purchased an aprilia px 125cc (year) 2002. And i was pretty happy with the bike, but something started to worrying me about the acceleration and the toppseed of 100km/h. I was able to top it to 100km/h without any problem when i bought it. But then when i had my heavy friend behind me while driving it started to sound like something went wrong, now i can only go up to 80km/h and the acceleration is hardly like before.. It sound like there is something in the way while idling and while im putting pressure to the speed, there is something clinking and it’s while idling and while im putting pressure to speed that makes me worried since it’s harder to reach 100km/h. Like when im idling it’s something stoppning me from riding without any problem, soon as my friend hopp on the bike we was like 210kg on that 290kg scooter bike, then the sound of clinking started with a problem of me driving clean without issues or the beutiful sound of my 2stroke. I also redd in my instruction book that only 1 should be riding it, this was after my problem apeared?
Is this something familiar to what you guys know? Would be very helpful if i could get advice or help with this problem.
Milage ”1000”
Best regards from Swe!
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