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Hello all,

I've got an old echo weedwhacker that had been working nicely up until last year. I ended up replacing it because this one is over 20 years old, but I want to get the old one back up. The carburetor is new, although Chinese Ebay special. I had a lot of rust on the magneto brush contact, which may have been a big part of the problem: In disassembling to clean I ended up taking the whole motor apart to look at blow-by and check for damage to the piston. I think it looks good enough to re-assemble, but don't have a ton of experience. Can someone check and advise to their opinion. I know replacing cylinder and piston probably won't be reasonable as it's not worth the time or money. Also, I know that pretty much anything thrown at this thing isn't worth the money, but I kind of like it and want to get it back going. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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