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carburator of 250r??

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think that a carburator of 250r can be on a blaster? :confused:
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blasterwiseco said:
think that a carburator of 250r can be on a blaster? :confused:
I don't really know the size difference on the carbs but I would not see why. Your biggest problem will be your throttle cable you might want to get a cable off the 250R as well.

Good luck and let me know how it works.
You can use the carb but you will have to use the 250r cable like banshee said. Make sure you get a jet kit because you will need it.

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ok thanks guys :p
You could use the stock 250R carb which is 34 mm. but since your going to a much larger carb then you have on the stock blaster your definately going to have to rejet it. That big carb is what most of the guys that are running the 240 kits have on theirs. The only thing is if your machine is still pretty much stock then you might be giving up some of your low end for more top end. I also agree with Banshee youll have to use the 250r cable.
blasterwiseco said:
think that a carburator of 250r can be on a blaster? :confused:
The carb should work as everyone has said, but you don't have to use the honda cable, as the inside may not fit your blasters throttle set up on your handle bars. If you order a new cap kit for a 34 mm carb through sudco.com (this will cost you about 15$) you can use your stock cable and throttle on your handle bars with the carb.
Most of the honda 250r carbs are prefabbed with the cap, throttle cable, and the end throttle attachment unit (costing you 40 dollars or so each time you order a new one), it is all one piece as I assume you are talking about a 34 mm keihin 34 PJ that was a stock honda 250r carb.
Good luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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