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Ran across this on E-bah though it was a good deal for anyone wanting adjustable timing, and/or new stator coils.

Search Yamaha Blaster stator ,under the seller caltric.

These are available for all years and include adjustable backplate (+-7 I think), and all new coils, the lighting coil looks to be a larger high wattage version (75 vs 50).
They are $41 and free shipping, or cheaper than and adjustable backplate, or new coils alone.

If anyone can confirm lighting coil wattage or quality
Please post

EDIT: it seems like the caltric stators are decent except for poor QC at some point , causing DOA coils, poor wire connections , shorts etc. The most concerning report was of poorly isolated windings and coils that short out first time the get a heavy load on them.
In my case, I still have a working stator, and worse comes to worse And a coil is bad I can use my original until I can return it for a warrantee replacement. If I were broke down and waiting on a part to get running again I would probably buy a more reliable brand at around $105 for the whole stator, or $30 per coil

Stator arrived it is a +-12 degree (actually one side is limited to 8 or 9 degrees, the Lighting coil seems a little bigger than my stock one ,but since I have't had my hands on an actual 70-75 watt upgraded unit I can't say if this one is or isn't.

Installed stator, and my spark is now 3 times stronger, it no longer requires nearly perfect jetting to start and run.

Obviously my stock unit was starting to break down or possibly had a poor connection somewhere. Stators with separate coils vs. The 3 phase type with 6 or 9 lobes barely put out enough to get a good strong spark when everything is new ,it doesn't take much to weaken the spark enough to cause loss of power or erratic behavior.

Timing light verifies the static timing of the stock blaster CDI, and clean consistent spark.

Proper DC conversion, with correct switch (source coil grounded when off, battery and fuse box connected when on),
Podtronics regulator/rectifier
Programmable CDI (bigger gains for blaster vs. Bikes with variable timing stock)
led pod lights
Upgraded lighting coil and
A spare circuit for accessories through a lighter plug in progress
Should help make this a more versatile trail quad. With over 30hp , a fairly light bike, and my 130# fly weight, I can afford to add ten or so pounds for DC conversion.
Will detail in another thread.
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