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Just wanted to give anyone in buffalo area a heads up on a riding spot. Its called WNY-ATV riders club. It is a private club run on 100% private owned family land located in attica ny. It started a few years back and currently has 59 members. I have actually been a member from the start helping to get trails,mx track,and tt track,and sandpit up and going. There is still more to do
but the owner has givin permission for current members to invite people.
Little info on the last emails I recieved.

To All New Members:
On behalf of everyone on the 250x forum, I want to say welcome aboard. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This web forum operates normal to all forums for ease of use. The only down side is that we do not have it fully organized yet, but we are working on it.

All members are welcome to join us in any, and ALL trail rides/group rides. There is no charge for anything relating to our group gatherings.

I am also opening a full ATV/ATC Wheel, Tire, and Accessory Shop here at my home. It will be called The MX Ranch. I hope to be able to bring prices for parts way down for everyone due to the lack of overhead your typical shop has.

Feel free to call me with any question or concern you may have about the forum, or for directions to our ride locations, or for an address here to my track.

and again, welcome.

and another

Group ride open april 2nd 2011,
For all those attending, please be sure to check out our group ride guidelines. We try to follow these religiously for everyone's safety, and respect to the landowners who allow us access.

For those needing directions, please give me a call some time this week so I can get the address to you and easy directions. (716) 860 - 4950
Wayne (the owner) is amazingly cool,races mx and tt and started this club single handed 3 years ago for the love of the sport.

You can get more info at http://250x.proboards.com/index.cgi

I believe there is approx 28 riders showing up on the 2nd so far, plans are few hours of trails,then some pits, and then some good old mx/tt racing to close the day..
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