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Bolt On Air Filter

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Anyone using Bolt on Air Filters. How good does and outerwear really work? What issues have your run into with this kind of setup?

I am looking at this for my banshee.
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ok i have both styles of bolt on filter for banshees. my 95 has a bolt on k&n filter that just clamps to the back of the carb it works ok and leaves lots of room in the frame to work on things plus the engine gets plenty of fresh air that way. i also have the toomey 2-1 filter on my 87 this one i haven't used yet but it looks trick that way it has a uni filter on it. the only qualms i've ever had with my clamp on k&n is that it gets dirty quick it has the outerwearer for it also. also i'm not sure if you ever get into water but you have to watch the level of water so you don't float out the filter being that it will suck the water right in. the toomey is elevated over the height of the carbs and probably won't get near as dirty as the clamp on filter. and it's great for the twin carbs also. JL atv sells it for i think 60 w/uni filet or 70 w/ k&n filter and they have an outerwearer for it also. if you get the clamp on filter for your see if a 45 degree bend will fit in the frame that will keep the filter cleaner because it will be farther from the ground and father from the swingarm.
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