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I am looking for a blaster with a blown engine.

does anybody know were I can find a blown blaster?

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no but i know where you can find a nise YZ250 bottom end to put in it. i have two.
You have 2 yz 250 bottom ends, what years are they? You dont have any cylinders or anything? What happened to them anyways, back to topic. I would look on ebay for a blaster engine. There's a crap load of blaster stuff on there.
I have a blaster engine I just need everthing else.

thats why I'm lookin for one with a blown engine or no engine.
i have no clue what years they are?? but they are for sale
sandblaster360cc said:
I have a blaster engine I just need everthing else.

thats why I'm lookin for one with a blown engine or no engine.
check out e-bay they have a ton of blaster parts and they are usually real cheap to. hope this helps
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thanx guys,

I checked ebay and there was 1 bike but the bid on it was $800 and the reserve wasn't met yet.

I would have only paid a max of $300 on that bike cause it had a blown engine(what I wanted) and the rest of the bike wasn't in real good condition iether.
god luck getting one any cheaper than $800 for a complete quad
wasn't expecting to find a decent bike for less than $800 but just wasn't about to pay that much for that piece of crap.(wasn't bein a jerk.)
oh sorry i just thought you were a cheap ass or something that or a dreamer

I am sort of looking for a blaster frame, pardon my language but I have a Kz 750 engine to put in it. I was looking on ebay one night and there was a blaster rolling chassis that went for like $400. It was an early 90's late 80's frame, but it was good condition. Eveything was there cept the engine. Just keep looking, sometimes stuff pops up. I didn't bid cuz it was in freakin Kansas. Didn't help me much. Are the 250 bottomr ends good condition, i mean bearing's and stuff. Good rod and crank? Lemme know.
yeah the bottome end are in really good shape. see me post on the classified section for more info. or pm me, email me [email protected], or call me (219) 406 3454, or two way me nextel ID# 111*28820*1
hey Chris what are you asking for them, i would love one to go on my go-kart, and replace the old worn out hodacka 100cc lol wing-a-ding-ding...
PM me we'll make a deal on one. hell i even have the mount to put it in a go kart and i have the sprint car pipe too. gotta sell this stuff. 2 banshee engine to rebuild. one just topend other is a full out rebuild on the ***
Just came across this forum. If your still looking, i've got a '90 blaster with a blown engine. Everything else is in good shape. New tires (Kenda Klaws), new(er) shocks, K&N filter w/ prefilter. Looking to get $500. Located in Harrisburg, PA.

As for the engine, the piston seized and snapped the crank rod. Don't have time or $$$ to rebuild. Wife is due with first child in July.

blaster frames

I have a couple blaster frames left...... Give me a call.........731-646-3521
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