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Blaster Manual

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Here is a Blaster YFZ200 (U-A)
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This won't work for me!
This didn't work for me either, can anyone pls post one if they have it? Would be greatly appreciated.

Thx, Curr.
Works for me make sure you have the latest WinZip
lil help

it didnt work for me it downloaded but couldnt read it cuz it was all scrambled
this is my first posting and i would like to say thanks for all the info. i just got a 2002 blaster, and was having a problem with the idle. i downloaded the manual and will try an adj. tomorrow
Downloaded fine for me! Now it's going on a CD along with the Banshee manual!!
Always find what I need around here. Thanks for posting this up Banshee!!

just downloaded it thanks I'm gonna b gettin a blaster soon so I'll need it thanks again banshee
Worked for me! I did not have a manual for my Blaster and I put in .95 L into the tranasmission yesterday and the manual says only .65 L. I will be draining the tranny tonight and putting in the correct amount. Thanks!
sucks can you post a better one that any one can download
I noticed that the copyright date on that Blaster manual is 1987 ....... is this the same manual put out for 2004 models or was it updated?
yes they should be the same if you get a newer one it includes all models.
Thanks Guys! That rocks! I have a 2001 blaster and i am puttin a clutch in it.
I have personally checked the file.
It works perfect. As stated above.
Check to see if you have the latest
version of winzip. enjoy :D
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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