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Big Bore Kit

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Where can i get the 610 Big Bore kit for the KX 500. I have seen them on the internet before, just curious to who sells them???????
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damn it adds 110cc's that must be a big ass piston
i would poat this question in the soreracing forum. i think scott might be able to direct you in the right direction. like *** said"thats got to be a huge piston"
Like I said in your other thread, try http://www.lasleeve.com/ They've got some bad-ass stuff there.
THat thing is gonna rip your arms outta socket with that big ol bore!! It sure would be fun to ride one though.
:evil2: I have a 2mm overbore from Eric Gorr!This bike is so terribly fast,but i like the bottom end torque it has.Talking about hanging on...I love my Big Green monster!!!

As far as a 610 kit why so much of an over bore?
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Eric Gorr does excellent work on motors. He is not that far from where I live. That ride looks sweet!!
cool KX

yeah eris gorr does good work friom what i've heard from people and he's located in chicago right??
Actually hes in Wisconsin. Name of the shop is Forward Motion
Nice ride. Over the next several months I will be building a pro level hill climb KX 500. I will be keeping everyone up to date on that project if you would like.

KX 500 based 635cc 650cc and 665cc

This thread is a little old now but I found it the other day so I joined the site to make this post.

I have been developing big bore kits for the KX 500 for about a year now. I am now testing a big-bore kit using a 97mm piston with a standard 86mm stroke which gives 635cc, I have already tryied a stock piston with an 88mm stroke which I get using a 27mm pin and big-end and offset boring a stock crank. The next step is the 97mm piston and the 88mm stroke which will give me 650cc after that I am looking at a billet crank with a 90mm stroke giving 665cc.

To use the piston you need to bore out your stock barrel and install a Moly-Iron liner, also a small amout of case machining is needed to take the larger skirt diamiter that this gives.

If any one is interested mail me [email protected] and I will give you full details.

Also available is a big-bore kit that I have developed to take the Husaberg 65o to 750cc.

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sounds cool... talk to flattrack he likes KX500's

I got a mail saying that you PM'd me, as this is the only post I have ever made on this website I assume its about the above?? Unfortunatly I can't access my messages on this site, something is not working with my account. So please email me [email protected]. Cheers BERT

I have found out why I can't read your message I have to make 5 posts befor I can get to that feature this will be my 4th.
And this is my 5th. Now I'll see what you PM'd me if I can.

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