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What is the best Aftermarket Exhaust Company

Best Aftermarket exhaust

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In you opinion what is the best exhaust on the market.
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i want to know scotts vote??????

hey big k you gonna vote pro slows
Its hard to pick the best company because different ones are better at different applications, I have FMF on my quad but prefer pro circuit for my dirt bikes.
whats wrong with the LRD in comparson to the others?
Nothing is wrong with LRD. They make a sweet pipe. Biggest problem is they only really make pipes for the TRX and that is it.
^^^ wasnt aware of that, i knew they were getting into the 4 stroke market.....and i thought everyone and their brother made a pipe for the shee
Well they might make one for the banshee but I am pretty sure they didn't make the famous adjustable LRD pipe for it. I think they figured it would be to hard to have 2 pipes to sync. Not sure but they stopped making the LT pipes a while ago
i have one on my R, im not sure what i think about it yet, my bike is with a builder right now so hopefully he will tune the pipe for my port job.

i like the fmf pipes too, have not riden with anyone with a toomey though
Toomey all the way for the banshee. But for anything else eather ct or lrd.
It all depends on who built your motor,In my case CT,and CT,the guy who builds a motor and pipes can usually match them up pretty well,also,just a piece of info,LRD DID make the adjustable pipes for the banshee,I had a set,and they werent that great..a sloppy fit,and the chrome was junk...
From my expierences with the blaster I love my FMF Fatty head pipe...way better than the DG pipe...she winds so much higher with it and you can actually tell the difference when the powerband kicks in lol
i just put a fmf power core silecer and pipe on my lt250r and there is a difference

and who made theres in thier basement???
You don't even have the top 2 brands listed!!! Curtis Sparks or Paul Turner for MX!!!!!
Im saying Toomey for Blasters. As for Bikes, Ive always been a fan of FmF for Bikes tho. As for Banshees.................. Im saying Toomey as well. Did you know the B1 orginally came from the T5?
eviltwin said:
shearer custom pipes
I have to agree with this, I have a special package coming for the LT from Dr Q & Mr Shearer. I also have a ESR pipe on the R.
1 - 20 of 85 Posts
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