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well first off i missed posting here a few times last time was memorial day so here.. a belated post to the vets.
there once was a smart man that said
"give me liberty or give me death"
a true american geniouse like myself would have said:
"give me da fifty so I can give them death!"

everybody remember that song from bootcamp? made famouse by arethra franklin she sang her version of tkhe armed forces ...version she learned on a uso tour.. what song?
R-E-S-P-E-C-T thats what the maw deuce means to me..
gota respect the maw deuce!
as fara s the V-A nonsense something needs to be done.
i was once known as my uncle kisses wingman ,,, thhey will never admit it...

well my departed uncle did say hey if you see one of them army rangers tell them i said they are nothing but a bunch of panzi's and those british marines are a bunch of cupcakes ,,
he told me in world war II they shivvered like little school girls in there foxholes everytime the sun whent down cause they were afraid of the dark
it took a dumb hunkey coal miner from pa and a bunch of boys from washington to show you how things were done.. he was a 394th combat enaneer rolling with the 104 timber wolfs .. he was with em when romel ran outa gas . he is deceased 2001..
they armed forces wouldnt take me the marine recruiter said weare kinda picky now ,, you have your arm knees and vision dissability ... then your head.. another recruiter stood up and said shut up being crazy could be a plus for the corp...
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