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hello everyone,
so I picked up a "banshee in a box" as a project for me and my 16 year old son. was told bottom end is good and has new top end installed. top end consisting of new cylinders (stock bore) and piston, rings etc. came with 28mm pwk carbs, boost bottle, cool head and t5 full exhaust. quad was completely disassembled. frame was painted (professionally), brand new graphics kit (not yet put on) good plastics, new tires and rims etc.
overall the quad appeared in really nice condition and looked as if it literally just needed to be assembled.
we got the quad assembled in to days and she looked great. ran normal heat cycles and all was great. idled great, minimal smoke, sound was nice etc. then we tried to take it for a ride,,,, no balls!!!
hit the throttle and she just bogged right down. air box has no lid and we are running a k&n
ok so time to rip apart the carb, make some adjustments,,,,, no better!!! snap the throttle wide open and she chokes out and stalls
bought a set of factory mikuni carbs locally online (used of course) got a little better but not a banshee!!!

mikuni....... 240main 25 slow

pwk ....... 140main slow unknown

tried 320 mains on the mikuni and she wouldn't even start!!!!

compression is good at 110 on both cylinders

any suggestions? ideas? anyone been through this?

thanks in advance

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new build and compression is only at 110? thats low should be around 120-130 on a new build. did you mistakenly put the tors system back on the bike? take a video of it running and post it up
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