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I recently bought an 00 banshee. It’s a fairly fixed up bike. Makes around 95 HP on the dyno and the previous owner told me, it was only a few modifications away from running alcohol. I’m fairly new to the 2 stroke atvs. I’ve had 4 stroke atvs in the past.
Anyways the first time I rode the banshee everything went well. Ran it on 100 octane race fuel and used a 32:1 gas to oil ratio in the tank and it ran for maybe a total of 3 hours.
The second time I went to go use it. It started and then it died after putting it into 1st gear. Eventually the Kickstarter was stuck in position and then my mechanic told me my engine had seized due to the bearings in the crankshaft disintegrating. Eventually I bought a new crankshaft and new pistons(even though I didn’t need them but just to have a new rebuilt engine). It’s in the process right now of being rebuilt and fixed.
A family member who’s also a mechanic told me Banshees are meant to be riden in high rpm’s since it’s a 2 stroke. He advised against me against cruising at high gears and low rpms. He said it was better to drop some gears and ride it in a high rpm if I was going to do that.
Now my question is: What are some things I need to do differently when riding a banshee in caring for it for it to last longer? And is their any truth to high rpm thing my family mechanic told me?
Any help would be appreciated, thank you
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