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Banshee Bolts

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Is it just me or is the banshee bolts a bunch of crap. It seems like I am breaking off bolts left and right. I'm not talking over torqued either. Maybe its just me. I need to buy one of those bolt kits on ebay soon.
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yeah yamaha bolts aren't the greatest. i've seen people break reed cage bolts trying to take them out. actually my brother broke 2 and was all kinds of pissed when he did it. i went out there and twisted the broken threads out with my fingers. yeah yamaha bolts are cheaply made but they are by no means inexpensive.
Yeah I was screwing in the screw at the top of the radiator and never even felt the littlest bit of torque and the top just twisted off. Not a big deal but I need to buy a bolt kit soon buying bolts here and there for it gets expensive
yeah stainless bolts are the way to go. oh yeah one other good yamaha bolt story. back in the day when i had my blaster i was riding in the dunes and for some unknown reason the swingarm nut came off. i didn't know until the quad landed funny. turns out that not only did the nut work it's way off but the bolt was working it's way out also. the funny landing netted me a craked case no oil leaks but i only had half an engine mount on the back of the engine. no big deal but just pissed me off. oh yeah i stil have that blaster here it's 1/4 mine still and the engine still has that broken mount. actually all the mounts were broken here or there. i broek both bottome engine mounts off the frame jumping it before. somebody tole me one time that blaster weren't made for 10 foot airs in the dunes. they may have been right??
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Not much is made for 10ft air stock. I just got of the phone with the guy from 1dirracing.com and I ordered a new coil from him. He said that should boost my spark to a crazy amount hopefully I will see it for Friday so I can use it on Sunday. Only cost me $40.
it was 10ft no footers at that and big k witnessed it
I just got the stainless steel allen kit for the side covers from Vito's. I also got one of those high flow impellers. I took the cover off to get a lil look inside and I was hoping one would've already been there but it wasn't. So now I'm sitting here with the impeller, it's bearing and seal, and a new seal for the kicker. The only problem is that I'm waiting for Yamaha's slow-ass to get me my gasket and a new o-ring for the coolant elbow coming down from the head. Besides that I have a new grab bar, tank decals, still on back order from them.

I ordered that Clarke gas tank and was hoping to have the decals for it but it looks like it's goin on naked for a lil while. Who knows I may just have to make my own gasket and find an o-ring if Yamaha takes any longer!

I just picked up an awesome Canon SLR digital camera so I should be able to get some awesome action shots after everyone's banshees are back together.
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