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first my list of mods

Decked head
dune ported stock cylinders
stock crank
+4 timing plate
bolt on aluminum crossover intake
keihin pj 34mm carbs
pod filters
shearer pipes
12 tooth front sprocket stock rear
22in 4 snow tires used on sand
im 225pds
elevation 1000feet

Im getting a nice caramel color on the spark plugs so the jetting is close

What is happening is ill be on 25% of the throttle and shoot it to 75% and it will pull the front wheels 1st threw 3rd gear
but if i go 25% to 100% it pulls but no where near as hard.

when im running all out the bike runs good 1 to 5 but 6th it just holds it there and no more acceleration like it used to have.

I was having a fuel delivery issue but that is now fixed with a pingel petcock.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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