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Banshee 99/ No fire

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I have a 99 Banshee which I am not getting any fire to the plugs. I check all the wiring think maybe one had a break or come lose. Before it died, the tail light kept blowing and when I took it to Little Sahara in OK it died on me. ( freaking suck to) I replace the coil and I have good Compression. I was think it was the CDI box or the Voltage box. Has anyone else had a problem with these
LRD Pipes
Stage 4 manfoild with 39 mm carb
Port and polish
Advance timing

Thank you for your help in advance
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Since you said your taillight kept blowing out it sounds to me that your ground was coming lose and it is now all the way loose.

The next thing I would try is hook a multimeter and see if your getting power off the magneto. If you have power there just keep going down the line to see where your power cuts out.

Have you removed the parking break, electrical throttle kill. I know the parking brake f not adusted will make it hard to start and will limit the throttle. If you removed the stock Throttle make sure the electrical plug that comes out of the stock throttle that the wires are are connected.

Hope this helps Let me know

you have a trinity intake right?? well check all your connections for TORS i'm pretty sure that you want them jumpered also make sure the plug from the throttle box is not plugged in. and banshee is right check grounds. i had the same problem you have try checking the wires to the coil. sometimes they come loose or vibration will loosen the conectors on the wire. try jiggleing the wire and then kick it over sometimes this helps. if it doesn that then replace the connection and your readya to rock again
Yes it is a trinity stage 4 intake.
The T.O.R.S. and the parking break are off the bike.
I bought this bike used last summer and all the mods was already done to it.
I have it a dealership but they are taking their sweet time on it and I am fed up with it. So I am grabing it monday morning and go from there.
But everytime ( before it died ) I replace the tail light bulb it would blow.
I don't know if this has anything to do with no spark to the plugs.
But where the TORS goes, the plug is just hanging there under the tank.
Thank you for your help. I am still new to 2 stroke but I love how the scream and asking for more.
the blowing taillight probably isn't realated i'm guessing that you don't have head lights right?? the taillight is probably blowing because of 1 of 2 reasons either the voltage reg. is unpluged (it's the little silver box next to the CDI under the seat) or the voltage reg. is bad. as for the no spark condition. did this just happen all at once?? or did you fix something else and now it has no spark?? your best bet is to do what banshee says and trace all your wiring and test in different spots for continuity. do your self a favor and buy a factory service manual it will tell you spec on every electrical part of the bike and also show you where and how to test certain pieces.
hey thanks for the link to the manual i put it in my favorites
Well I went went through all the wiring and came up with that the voltage went out and took out the cdi box with it. I was hoping it was a bad ground or the jumper came off. Anyone got any extra CDI and voltage box sitting around for 99 banshee that they wanna sell?. I just want to get running again. Old Scrambler can only do so much LOL.
Here is a link to a CDI on Ebay it is a 96 so you would have to check to see if it will work. I'll try looking through my parts manual to see and let you know.

ok amx heres the deal on a cdi
ok buy one on ebay it doesn't matter what year.
a cdi from a 97-2004 will plug right in
a cdi from 87-96 you will need to cut the plugs off and solder the plugs from your old cdi onto it. inside they are identical just have different plugs. oh yeah if you get a 87-96 cdi i'll even give you a couple of dollars for the plugs that you cut off because my banshees both have older style plugs on them.
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I will just mail the plugs to ya when I get back home. I am leaving again today for work and not for sure when I get back.
Nothing. ;)
ok cool the address is

chris merry
10 west 900 south
kouts, IN 46347
Get a new one....if it dont work...then something has gone very wrong
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