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ATV Mods

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What mods did you guys do this winter? Here is my list

Sidewinder Sprockets +2 in rear
Sidewinder chain triple plate chrome
Dyna Ignition with controller
1dir racing G3 Reeds and 12mm spacer
1 dir racing Thrust bottle
28mm Mikuni Carbs
Pro Design EZ-Drain
Billet Exhaust Clamps
Billet Oil Dip Stick
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I re-did my whole bike...well before it was a peice of crap!!!.....now its sweet.....bored, jets,K&N,tires,red frame,plastics,all of it....
damn i wish i was rich like you banshee. i started redoing my 95 and well it's still not even close. i did manage to lock up the engine for it. on the bright side all the parts that need coated are at the powder coater right now and the 87 is almost done just gotta get some ambition. well it still needs a frame from the infamous crash but it'll run again soon.
I just bought my banshee with most of the goodies already on it a few weeks ago. The thing is that my friend with his 2000 banshee got jealous and tried to buy most of the things already on mine. So this weekend we installed the ASR a-arms, Works Triple rate w/rezzy's (not the adjustable kind like I have :D ), stainless steel front brake lines, a durablue eliminator +2 axle, and new axle bearings. The a-arms didn't come with some of the parts required to mount them (dealer's mistake) so we're waiting on the spacers for the top a-arm and the mounts to replace the stock ball joints. Other than that we're good to go.

A word of warning though, I ride through flat trails, rocky hills, and coal silt (black sand). The heim style ball joints make it VERY easy to turn the wheels. That's great but it can put a hurting on your forearms when riding over big rocks. The handlebars can literally rip out of your hands. After about a month of riding I should build up enough stamina to overcome it, but I just wanted to let everybody know. Other than that they are so meaty that I don't ever think I'll have a problem with them.

Does anyone have an aftermarket swingarm and/or bearing carrier that they really like? The bottom bolt for the bearing carrier is totally stripped out so I'm gonna get a new one (chain keeps loosening cuz it won't get tight enough), but I'd really like to get a new setup back there since everything else is sweet. Any suggestions or warnings would be appreciated.
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The whole rear end of mine is my next project I am looking at replacing everything from the swing-arm all the way back. And shocks all the way around.
Banshee said:
The whole rear end of mine is my next project I am looking at replacing everything from the swing-arm all the way back. And shocks all the way around.
I'm just not sure what brand to get. I have a ATC 350X that I'm going to sell this summer and use that money to buy a new swingarm and bearing carrier (that's all the 4-stroke is good for, right???). What brands are you looking into right now?
I'm not sure yet it is going to be awhile till that comes in. The recent mods already sucked away my cash for this year so I need to rebuild the cash source
I just ordered 26 Yamaha parts this week. The bottom bolt and nut on my bearing carrier were stripped out. I was putting new axle bearings and seals in when I noticed that one. That explains why my chain kept slacking up.

The rest of the parts were mainly cosmetic. I replaced all of the bolts holding the fenders on, mainly anything you see all of the time. I also replaced the seals in my steering stem clamp because there was a little bit of play in it that I did not like.

My rear caliper had some of the rubbers around the mounting bolts missing so I decided to just order a brand new caliper assembly. Do you know how much that cost me??? $217 Granted it has all of that parking brake crap on it that I have to remove, but still I thought that price was a lil steep.

All total with the bolts, nuts, washers, seals, and caliper the bill ran me roughly $262. I guess it'll be worth it in the long run...
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I plan on buying a bolt kit off ebay. It gives you every bolt you need in a Polished Stainless Steel Allen bolt. They cost like $100 but it's 472 pieces.

I also priced out all the billeted stuff I want from alba and I am looking at $1000 all said and done. then there is the rear end that is going to cost me about $2000 then shocks $1500. Hopefully I will have all this done by next year.

I figure right about next year sometime the motor will pop and it will be time for a Powevalve motor probably a 420.

I purchased one of those bolt kits off of ebay for "Project Quadracer". I didn't opt for the 472 piece kit I bought the engine kit and got it for a pretty good deal. Plus they should look really nice. The 472 piece kit has the engine and frame bolts which is probably a better deal.

Just placed another order: GYTR chassis skid plate, aluminum frame protectors, grab bar, and some new decals for the 5.5 gallon Clarke fuel tank I'm going to be ordering next week. My buddy picked one up for his 2000 banshee and it's much better than those IMS ones. You have to cut the plastic with the "YAMAHA" decal under the gas tank, but this tank has the vent holes on the side just like stock. It covers a little bit of the sides of the hood and comes up higher on top, but when you sit on it you can't tell because it doesn't hinder you at all.
Now we won't have to plan our trips around making sure we have a gas pit stop during the trip and packing some oil. I'll get some pictures of it this weekend to post.

Until then, here's the link to the manufacturers site. It looks much better on a nice banshee with some graphics on the tank, trust me...
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It would be cool if they made that tank in clear.
Banshee said:
It would be cool if they made that tank in clear.
I never thought about that. I bet that would look cool. Depending on what oil you use the gas color could go along with your color scheme. I use Klotz with the castor oil and the red color it gives the fuel would look cool on a 2000 banshee with the red and white color scheme.
hey i like that tank. i might look into getting one of those for my 96.
Like I said in an earlier post, I'll try to get some pics this weekend of it on my friend's 2000 so anyone considering it can get a better look at it.
I just uploaded a new photo of the banshee with that clarke gas tank on. I put new factory decals on it. I'll try to get some better pics of it up later on tonight.
new engine(360cc)

new brakes(hydrolic this time)

new chain sliders

painted it red and black.

thats it so far.
sandblaster360cc said:
new engine(360cc)

new brakes(hydrolic this time)

new chain sliders

painted it red and black.

thats it so far.
That sounds pretty good you should put some pictures up of it.
this winter i put in my shee: vito's crank, vito's power pistons, vito's jet kit, pro design pro flow kit, twist throttle and tors eliminator kit, bills pipes and silencers, painted the frame, and a few small things. runs like a raped ape.
well, from the winter to now:

20x11x8 GBC Sand Sharks on Douglas .190s
20x11x9 Kenda Knarlys on Douglas .190s
21x7x10 ITP Holeshot XCRs on Douglas .190s
New OEM gas tank cover
Motion Pro CR Pro twist Throttle
Scott Comp II Grips
1/2" reed spacer
TORS removed
Motion Pro Idle Kit
Oil injector blocked off
AC wide grab bar
87' 250R rear shock (awesome)

and i'll be ordering new nerfs right away because i hate my DG ones :mad:
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