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I am working on a 90 cc Arctic Cat that my son caught on fire. I bought a parts quad & replace the wiring, gas tank, oil tank etc, but kept the same drive train. The parts quad didn't come with an airbox though. I took the carbs to work & cleaned them in the parts washer. I put it on & the quad started right up & idled perfectly! The problem was when I tried to rev it it died at 1/4 throttle. I bought a new carb from e-bay thinking that was the problem but now it was doing the same thing with 3 different carbs. When I partially covered the air opening where the air box was it ran great so I figures there was too much air getting in. I decided to get larger jets but my local shops were out. So I took drill bits and enlarged the jet a little at a time. I started with a size 77.5 jet and ended up using a #54 drill bit which is .055 dia. I don't know what size jet that would be but this thing really runs great with a K&N type cone filter on it. The problem is the card bowl doesn't seem to be able to keep up with the jet now. It runs fast and hard at full throttle for about a minute then seems to run out of gas. It will still idle roughly and doesn't die completely. After about 30 sec or so the idle picks up & the quad takes off again until it happens again.
Is there anything else that can be done with this other than getting a stock airbox and jet? I really like the way its running besides this issue.
I really appreciate any & all suggestions.... I'm at a loss of ideas
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