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Anyone out there

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Working on a custom quad. I always thought it would be cool to build something from the ground up. I am thinking about building a 250R from the ground up. No major fabrication I would buy most parts aftermarket but configure it the way I want it. Let me know your thoughts maybe it will be come an everything2stroke project quad.
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I’m building a Quadzilla but I don’t think I am going to go crazy with the custom stuff. I am going to powder coat the frame, A arms, hubs and stuff. I already have the new plastics (blue and black) will probably get a set of Works shocks for it (stock ones are shot) and polish some stuff. But I don’t think I am going to lengthen the swing arm or get aftermarket A arms not yet any way. :D
Your project sound great! :evil2:

My future project is: cr500r or kx500 motor in a blaster frame!It sure that it would need many aftermarket parts(a-arms,swing-arm, custom pipe) But i think it would fly!

I had see a similar project on blasterhq from a guys who come from new-zealand and he said that he kill raptor at anytimes!
Oh! a forgot, what do you think of my project? My brother is septical but he don't know a lot on atv, he just like ride atv...
Nice projects :)

It's not a two stroke but.... I'm thinking about trying to fit a V-twin onto an old beat up TRX250(utility) I have.

I'm rebuilding the front end right now with a heavier duty suspension, the motor on it now is stock and has seen better days. I got to looking at it and noticed lots of extra room in front of it.

The rear end is a shaft drive, so are the suzuki intruder 700 & 1400cc v-twins :D It will be an interesting project.

Sorry it's not a two stroke, if it had a chain drive I would be looking at one of the 500cc MX bike motors...
Thats Ok I am all for stretching the limits of what people think can be done. You should post some pictures in the Gallery and let us know how things are going. Also if you have any issues let us know I'm sure the more people think about it we will come up with an answer.
There isn't much to look at in the moment. I need to get it in the garage but of course there's no room due to many other projects ;)

This is what it looked like when I first got it:

This is what it looks like now:

See what I mean about all that extra room?

I need to get it in there and finish tearing it down but that would mean putting something else put back together lol.
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Yeah I see what you are talking about you just need to take out the down tube and move it so that it is out of the way. Looks like your on your way to having a good custom.
Even with this extra room, those trx250 are really heavyweight in front, my friend have one and when he god caught in mud it's because of its front :p .
Hrmmm..... the front end isnt that rediculously heavy with all the plastic and the racks and shit off.

I know the motor is big and heavy but I don't know that its such a bad thing. I want to make sure the front end stays on the ground lol.

It probably wont handle or ride very good but as long as it looks cool, is loud, and damn fast in a straight line then I will be happy. :)
*** banshee

i like the 250r project and the blaster project. i'm currently building a 95 banshee with +2 +1 arms +1 swingarm and elke suspension. i bought the whole quad for 1500. it also had a *** long rod engine with toomet T5's and a trinity stage 4 single carb intake. the frame is going for powder coat next week. i'm also building a LT250R right now i bought this quad wrecked about 3 years ago and so far have replaced the frame and some other small parts. anyway the reason i replyed was not for those 2 small projects i have but the project i want to start here in the near future actually there are 2. i want to pickup a triZ 250 three wheeler and stretch the swingarm about 8-10 inches and i have a YZ250 engine that came out of a mirco sprint race car. it runs on alcohol and is fully race ported. last owner told me 94+mph in 4th gear on the back strait in a 400 pound race car (includes driver). my other project i wasnt to start is a 79 chrysler sno runner (ever heard of it) i want to port and polish it and shave the head. they sell aftermarket pipes for them too. if you want to see what i'm talkin about goto http://www.snorunner.com
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Looks like you got quite the project list on your hands. Good luck if you need any ideas or help with anything just let us know. Check out some of the stuff our prefered vendors offer WhiteKnuckleGraphx does some pretty good graphics.
I have a ton of projects right now. I am building a 250r from the ground up right now if anyone is interested. It will be a full mx quad with a bigbore stroker 250r motor. I will post pics when I get some.

too many projects

yeah i have more than i can handle right now. the banshee just needs assembled really (after i get the engine back out of my other banshee) then the lt is about done just rear suspension and rebuilding the bottom and top of the engine. i'm really just waiting on money right now. anybody wanna help with that. lol
oh yeah i forgot to ask what do you think about the alcohol yz250 powered tri z project. as of now i'm the only person that thinks it's a good idea all my friends and my dad tell me that i'm nuts to even get on a trike let alone put a alky motor in it and sand drag it. i tell everyone i'm only going in a straight line and i'm gonna stretch it. i think my friends are just wimps (most of em do ride 4 strokes) oh yeah i have the grnad daddy of all 2 storkes that i'm trying to find something for i have a suzi 750 3cyl two stoke (kinda like a kawi H2 but it's a suzi same concept though)
I say do what you want. People who don't think it's a good idea are probably pissed because they didn't think of it themselves. good luck and keep us updated.
yeah i agree with you there. my buddies that don't like it can blow me. they are pissed becuase not only ami faster then all of them now. but as soon as i get my *** quad done i'll walk all over them. right now it's just tossed into my 87 shee frame so i can ride and i wail on them. but anyway when i get the other engine here sometime next week i'll have 2 shee's that will rock and when the LT is done i'll spank them with that too. they just get pissed because i'm relentless with the ass kickings. today i beat a 350x trike, 300ex, my old blaster, brand new Z400 (i mean bought today brand new) and YZ250. i think it's getting old to them. none of these were really a challenge except the YZ holds it's own but i still beat him slipping the clutch 2-5. thats why they don't like the suicide trike. the only person that matters is my dad really he hates the tri z idea with a passion. he hates 3 wheelers and really hates my alky YZ motor. he says i'm gonna kill myself. he might be right but i assure him daily thats it's purely striaght line stuff in the sand. i gotta warm him over on considering i still live in his house and use his shop to build these things. he is gonna be riding my one of my banshees though????? ah hell i'll just bring the trike here and take the front suspension off when the time comes he'll pass over it like every other quad that rolls in and out of here. i'll finishe it when he's at work and take it to storage with my buddies 350x and his 250r trike
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oh yeah banshee you had said something somewhere about sending in pictures to win all three stickers. i'd send soem in but 2 of my quads are in pieces and my 87 looks like shit. i threw the whole quad together out of spare parts i had in boxes in the shop just so i could ride. i could porbably snap soem in progress pics of the LT. and in a few weeks some progress pictures of the *** when i get the frmae back from the powder coater. let me know i'm not out to win any contests but if you guys are interested in these projects i'll toss you some pics to look at.
Definatly submit all the pictures you want this way you have a place where your pictures are going to be stored and can like from other sites.

yeah i'll try and snap a few pic today of the LT project.
and maybe i'l get a picture of the muddy "spare parts" banshee today also
not much to look at but it's a display of 1 days work and a box of misc.parts
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