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merry CHRISTMAS...
i am sending my freinds txt like this survey sayz...
any way
please keep safe dry and keep from getting sick this holiday season.

my flue protection is not to get the flue shot and risk getting sick for months at a time.
nope for me im asking santa to help me out this flue season .
i want real protection
i want one of those fancy body piercing injectors...
i want one of those fancy russian type
in size seaven sixty two......
im figurein if im holding one of those nobody that is sick will come neer me...wich eaqualz real flue protection.
ya know those show n tell games suck
its the show and watch em run...
i know its not very christmassy i hope we all had a small laugh at the above..

just wait i dont have my camera here i want to show you ppl what a willy award is..
willy is a person who lives by me an escapee from the trailor park that usually fixxes stuff with a pair of wire cutters and a hammer..
the previouse owner of my yamaha dt1 hammerd the flywheel on becasue he had the wrong size key , wait till i show a pic , look under the yamaha section i think i can muster up the pics theya re on my sd card in the slot of my lappy..
wait till yous ee this and willy alreaddy did this once to his kids dt250 way back when ..
see ya
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