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'89 Ktm 350

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Picked this up for bomber class harescrambles...
gotta check a few things, and gonna make it look nice, but here are the before pics:

it's currently stripped in the garage...
gonna paint the frame tomorow, clean up the plastic, and start putting it back together...
engine has a fresh rebuild already, so don't have to rip it down any further...
(not sure why the guy didn't paint the frame, and clean it up when he had it apart?)

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My reason for not doing something on a rebuild is I want to go ride. That usually screws up what I wanted to do because I get to excited to ride
thats not a good thing...lol

the bikes just about ready...
I wasn't in a hurry because I was very busy trying to graduate with my masters this semseter...
I'll be riding my bike, or wheeling one of my trucks about every weekend this summer ;o)
not sure how soon I'll hit the races again... 1999 was my last race...lol

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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