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88 bashee

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hey guys is a 88 freshly rebuild 60 over banshee worth 1500.00??
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yes, i would pick it up if you got the cash. you won't be sorry even though it is a J-arm frame

omg bashee??????? BANSHEE SORRY GUYS
ok great looks like my 92 lt250 is gone,,,,thanks
butchlt250 said:
omg bashee??????? BANSHEE SORRY GUYS

whats that suppose to mean?? and what happened to your lt250?
yes a 88 banshee with a fresh rebuild is totally worth 1500.00
I'd pay that just for the damn motor and the spare parts!
yeah ATV salvage yard charge betwwen $1000-$1400 for a complete banshee engine with no guarantees on how or if it will run
nothing wrong with the lt250 gotta sell it to get the cash,,,not a problem a guy ofered me 1900.00 for the lt250 so its gotta go...i was lookin for a banshee when i bought the lt250 but for the price i had to buy it instead,,
oh yea i only gave 850.00 for it,,,,
damn not bad at all. 850 sound like a deal. i gave 500 for mine but it needed an entire engine rebuild and a frame and all the suspension rebuilt.
that's it... now ya did it! I'm officially declaring my jealousy!!!
hey PA wanna hear something bette yet look at my mod list in my sig. that 96 banshee i bought it complete for 1500
yeah, I remember seeing your post about that. Heck I though I got a steal with my suspension, a-arms, new frame, and most of the main stuff already done on mine, but compared to you 2 I didn't get much of a deal haha.
i was helping out a marine in need plus he has a 250r with a curtis sparks 265 enigne in it. and the banshee was retired. so i'm glad he needed the cash i'm lovin this thing. now if only i could ride it
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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