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Ok so a few weeks ago I bought a 4-Zinger that's in pretty good condition but it doesn't run at the moment. I spent $75 on it. The previous owner said the carb is messed up but I'm not 100% if that is in fact the problem, I'm going to clean it thoroughly and see whats what. I figure while I have it torn down I would replace some parts to get it up to snuff.

It for sure needs a new brake cable and gas cap. Both are broke and need fixed properly. The guy did the block off for the oil pump but not the correct way. So I'm looking to block it off correctly.

So as it sits I'm looking at these new items:
Boyesen reeds
Gas cap
Petcock w/ new gas lines (flush the tank)
Oil injection block off plate (PW50?)
New OEM brake cable and possibly new brake shoes
Delete the airbox and run a clamp on filter (28mm K&N filter)
Fresh crank case fluid
Fresh spark plug as well
Delete the oil pump cable

So does the Boyesen reeds for a Tri-Zinger fit correctly?
Does the PW50 oil injection block off plate work on these motors?
What ratio do you guys recommend mixing for the 4-zinger?

Later on down the road I plan to replace the exhaust with a DG exhaust but I need to get it running correctly as is first.

Any and all input would be great, I'm having a difficult time finding out info on the 4-zinger and have to reference the Tri-zingers and PW50's for parts since from best I can tell they're the same motor for the most part.
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