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I’ve been working on a 2006 rm85 and can’t seem to narrow down the issue. Its top end was just rebuilt and it ran fine until this last ride where it completely quit. The main issue is it won’t idle for more than a minute and dies past above an idle, carburetor tuning does nothing, checked the reed valves (clean & no cracks), double cleaned carb through ultrasonic tub, timing is good, exhaust valve pin is aligned properly, compression is 150, gone through electrical, last thing we did was a 2 stroke leak down. I know the leak down was accurate as I went to TDC, and 5psi with hand pump, (i used the motion pro tester) and double checked that all the plugs and tester were accurate. I can hear air coming through the exhaust valve governor, took the gear out and could no longer hear the leak, put the gear back in and you can hear the leak. At first I thought maybe the crankshaft seal (which is right next to the governor) but after throughly checking it, nothing is wrong with the seal. There are a few other diagnoses that may or may not be related to this problem as well.
1 : I took the air box off and recorded a video where you could see small flames coming out when backfiring (then I checked reeds but as I said above they’re normal)
2: When I removed the header and exhaust a steady stream of oil came out of both. This made me check and clean the exhaust Incase there was a blockage, but still nothing.
any help will be appreciated and I thank you all I’m advance!
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